Eyes Ajar




standing there

just to stare

a Cosmic Event

the Advent

of change

Something strange


my body like cement

it could not lament

the tongue twisted

with a mind distant

yet insistent

continued to be persistent


to no avail

the flesh began to fail

eyes ajar

She departed like a Shooting Star

I wished upon a memoir


a Constellation

Heavenly Incarnation

clearly a Creation

an Artist’s Causation


a remote Galaxy

Her Gravity

leaving a cavity

of a forgone fantasy

taking my sanity

a true tragedy


a continual rotation

habitual dedication

orbit around Her

is what i prefer

but I had to go

leave her grasp

just to catch a gasp

of air

leave her snare


drifting in the deep devoid darkness

just a Carcass

harmless and heartless


on cold nights

she was My burning fire

a radiant star

that left a scar

now missing

all I had left was reminiscing


in my head

all i saw was Her smile

reliable like Sunrise

Her eyes

consumed me in my exile


a baptism

an exorcism


i looked back

i backtrack