A Mouth To Help But No Ear To Listen

A man lives on a mountain alone

Solitude is his fortitude on top of his throne

He visits the village below in the valley by the river

The people of the village see him as an alms giver


For his alms are not of gold or of health, but of the mind

For he heals the perplexed and not the blind

He is wise and enlightened

He is to give light to the people's problems unbrightened


But one never stops to ask if the man himself had any trouble or affliction

Yet the people were selfish and focused on their own restriction

The problems of the man no one would tune in  

A mouth to help but no ear to listen


He was surrounded by people but still alone

For the enigmas of his mind were still unbeknown

For he went up back to his throne on the peak

To the walls of his cave he would speak


The fabricated smooth walls talked back fast

Of an echo of his conflicted past

This reverberation was no answer,

But merely a reminder


For he knew his seclusion was no illusion

But his mind continued to feed the delusion

For the man needed a human connection

For his loneliness became an infection


A connection of a soul to soul

Without this bond he was like a black hole

A dark void draining the life from within

A mouth to help but no ear to listen